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Intro to Plan C

Plan C is an information campaign spreading awareness about abortion pills and self-managed abortion. Abortion pills are a medically safe and effective method for ending an early pregnancy, up to 11 weeks. They are now available online through telehealth providers and online pharmacies. This is a powerful option for people without easy access to a clinic or abortion provider.

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Pre-interview prep:

Please educate yourself about Plan C before we speak. This will help us better answer your specific questions: 

  • We are a national information campaign with a focus on how to get abortion pills by mail, even in states that restrict access to abortion.
  • We do not sell pills or provide medical or legal advice.
  • Visit our website and use the Guide to Abortion Pills to understand what information we provide. Search “California” as an example of a state with many telehealth services. Search “Oklahoma” as an example of a state with many restrictions on abortion access. 
  • Please read about the creative ways we know people are accessing pills. 
  • Please read our FAQ "Can I get in trouble for using abortion pills?" (as well as the rest of the FAQs.)

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Recent Press Releases

Team Bios

Elisa Wells, MPH

Elisa Wells is a public health specialist with 30 years of experience in the reproductive health movement, both in the United States and abroad.She specializes in emerging technologies and innovative approaches to reproductive health care, including emergency contraception and medication abortion. She spent her early career at PATH, and has since consulted for a wide variety of organizations, including the MacArthur Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Reproductive Health Technologies Project, the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, and more.

In 2015, she co-founded Plan C, a groundbreaking campaign that shines a light on the overmedicalization and overregulation of abortion pills and advocates for a safe, effective self-managed option in the US to counter the politics and stigma that have crippled access. Since then, Plan C has grown to become a leader in the movement for reproductive rights and abortion access and Elisa has become a voice in press and media, willing to challenge the status quo and put forth a vision for a new reality: a world with democratized access to these safe, effective pills as a self-managed care option. 

From her first job as an abortion counselor in Boston to her years of work abroad in countries with far fewer resources and rights, Elisa brings practical solutions, passion, and action to the fight to improve abortion access in the United States.

Amy Merrill

Amy Merrill is an artist and activist at the intersection of creative communications, technology and social change. She is cofounder & digital director for Plan C, a leading information campaign for safe self-managed abortion with a guide to abortion pills by mail from all 50 states (

Her design studio Eyes Open leads web design and strategy consulting for a range of purpose-driven individuals and organizations ( Before this she cofounded social enterprise Journey, which led 600+ people on international trips to experience transformative impact projects with the communities served ( She also worked on major anti-sex trafficking initiatives in NYC and SE Asia as the issue came into public awareness in the 2010's, which led her deeper into the issues of reproductive health and self-determination she explores today.

Amy holds an MA in Performing Arts Administration (ie. nonprofit management) from NYU and BA in Music & English from UC Berkeley.

Savannah Rossetti

Savannah is the Communications and Strategy Associate for Plan C, a creative and research-driven campaign sharing information about telehealth and at-home abortion pill options throughout the United States. She received her degree in Public Health from Wright State University and brings prior public health and tech experience to her work. Her experiences before Plan C include working with start-up health tech companies Upstream and WeHealth. Savannah is passionate about full bodily autonomy and self-managed care. In her free time, and when the weather allows, she enjoys soaking up the sun and mountain biking. Savannah oversaw social posts, drafted key messaging and advised on social strategy.

Imani Shabazz

Imani Wilson-Shabazz is currently a graduate student in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, earning a MPH in Community Health Sciences with a certificate in Population and Reproductive Health. She is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A in Cognitive Science and a B.A in Gender Studies. Ms. Wilson-Shabazz currently works at Plan C as their Partnership Manager, facilitating community partnerships to increase awareness of abortion pill access around the country. She also provides lectures, webinars, and educational videos on how to advocate for, and promote medication abortion access in diverse communities.

Caitlyn (cece) Caruso

Caitlyn Caruso (they/she), also known as Cece, has over 8 years of experience in the sexual health field, predominantly in community organizing, engagement, and communications. They approach all of their work from a reproductive justice framework and are humbled to have worked across the field in several capacities over the years. They attended University of Nevada Las Vegas, and received a Bachelors degree in Critical Race, Gender, & Ethnic Studies with a concentration in communications before moving across the country to Washington DC. It was there that they joined Advocates for Youth as their state and local campaigns manager, working specifically with young people and students across the nation. She now works both at ETR as a marketing assistant, and at Plan C Pills, serving as their digital organizer. When Cece’s not working, she’s spending time with her two cats and partner, doing mutual aid work, and doodling/painting the hours away. 

Headshots available upon request.

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