The Plan C Guide to Abortion Pill Access

Support & Resources

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Free Medical and Emotional Support

We’ve partnered with several organizations dedicated to supporting folks having abortions and miscarriages.  Use the menu below to connect with one of our partners based on your care preferences.

For Medical Questions:

Connect with a doctor through the M+A (Miscarriage + Abortion) Hotline, a free and confidential service.

The M+A Hotline
(M+A does not sell abortion pills)
Call or text: 833-246-2632

Ally Chatbot
Ally is a 24/7, safe abortion chatbot accessible over WhatsApp. Users can instantly access medical abortion protocols, pre- and post-abortion care considerations, links to contraceptives, and customized country-specific resources to safely self-manage their abortion. Ally also connects users to online counseling support.

Connect to Ally on WhatsApp at + 1 833 221-2559

For Logistical and Emotional Support:

Reprocare Healthline
Connect with a peer counselor or doula through Reprocare for free and confidential help understanding how to get pills and how to use them.

Call or text: 833-226-7821

All Options
All-Options provides counseling as well as emotional support and referrals at any point during or after someone's experience with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.

Call: 888-493-0092

Exhale Pro-Voice
Exhale is a talkline that gives callers space to process feelings around abortion, after your abortion or miscarriage.

Call: 617-749-2948

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Legal Support

Groups that can help you understand your rights and answer questions about the legal landscape of self-managed abortion in the U.S.

Repro Legal Helpline

If/When/How: Lawyering for Justice advocates and lawyers provide free, confidential legal advice and information through their helpline. Reach them online or at 844-868-2812. They also defend people who are prosecuted or threatened with prosecution for self-managing their abortion.

Pregnancy Justice

Pregnancy Justice (formerly National Advocates for Pregnant Women) is dedicated to defending the rights of pregnant people against criminalization and other rights violations because of pregnancy and all pregnancy outcomes. Pregnancy Justice is the leading organization providing pro-bono (free) criminal defense for people charged with crimes because they were pregnant and had (or tried to have) an abortion.

For Minors: Navigating Abortion Laws & Judicial Bypass

Some states require that parents be notified or give consent for a  minor to get an abortion. Your provider can help you understand what the law is in your state and how parental notification or consent works. If you do not feel comfortable or safe involving a parent or guardian in the decision to have an abortion, you have two options: 

  • obtain a judicial bypass (permission from a judge) or 
  • request service from a provider (like Aid Access) who does telehealth from a state with special laws, called “shield laws.” 

Both options are explained in this FAQ.

36 states require parental consent or notification for minors seeking abortion care.  Parental consent means one or both of your parents or  legal guardian(s) has to sign paperwork saying that it is OK for you to have an abortion. Parental notification means that the abortion provider must tell your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) about the abortion before it is done. Abortion providers must comply with these laws if they are serving a minor who lives in a state,  travels to a state, or uses a telehealth provider in a state that requires parental consent or parental notification for abortion.  In these states, providers cannot help you if you do not have parental notification or consent. 

If you do not feel able to involve your parent(s) in your decision, there are two options you can use: 

  • If you are less than 13 weeks pregnant (counting from the first day of your last period), you can get abortion pills mailed to you from Aid Access. They serve minors in all states and territories. They are able to serve minors without parental consent or notification because they operate from states with special laws that do not require them to do this.
  • You can get a judicial bypass (permission from a judge). The process to get a judicial bypass is free, but can be complicated and requires going through a court process that may take between 1-3 weeks. This usually involves going to a court to fill out forms before setting up a meeting to talk to the judge. The Judicial Bypass Wiki can help you learn how to get a judicial bypass. Organizations like If/When/How, the ACLU, and Jane’s Due Process, and other local organizations can also help you.

Abortion Access Legal Defense Fund

Every day people across the country are being forced to navigate a chaotic and hostile landscape because of the Dobbs decision.  

That is why the National Women’s Law Center just launched the Abortion Access Legal Defense Fund, an effort designed to help people pay for expenses related to legal consequences they are facing because they have sought an abortion or helped someone obtain an abortion or information about abortion care.

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Financial Support

Organizations offering funding to people seeking abortions

A note about financial support:

Many telehealth abortion providers offer flexible pricing or will help patients connect with outside financial support. Our guide shows whether financial assistance may be available from each provider. If you're in need of financial help, ask your provider if they can help you directly or if they can refer you to an abortion fund.

Local abortion funds may also have resources to help you. Find your local fund using the directories linked below.

Abortion Freedom Fund

Abortion Freedom Fund is a national fund focusing on funding telehealth abortions.

We simplify access to care by funding virtual abortion providers and clinics, individuals accessing telehealth abortions, and reimbursing local funds for telehealth abortion care.

National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)

The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) is a justice-centered organization that helps individuals to remove their financial and logistical barriers to abortion access across the US.

National Abortion Federation (NAF)

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of providers. The NAF Hotline offers unbiased information about abortion, referrals to quality providers, and financial assistance. It’s free and serves everyone, regardless of their individual situation.

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Learn about abortion pills

Educational resources to answer your questions about abortion pills and the self-managed abortion process.  If you have additional questions you can get free text and phone support.

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Apps on Abortion

Mobile resources to answer your questions about obtaining and using abortion pills.

Charley Chatbot

Launched in September 2023, the Charley Chatbot was created to help people in every zip code understand their abortion options. It is a private and secure chatbot that provides users with personalized abortion options, including information about different abortion care methods, nearby clinics, accessing abortion pills, and referrals to support services. It's a user-friendly, judgment-free, and confidential tool designed by abortion experts for abortion seekers. abortion experts and made for abortion seekers. Visit to get started.

Aya Contigo

Aya Contigo is a Spanish-speaker app with virtual support for abortion and contraception. Includes live chat and links to resources and reproductie health organizations.

Safe Abortion App

This app provides comprehensive, user-friendly information on safe abortion. The app’s gestational calculator helps people determine their options, and clear, illustrated information describes what to expect from safe abortions with pills, MVA, and D&E, and how to address possible complications should they arise. An extensive FAQ section addresses a broad spectrum of concerns regarding abortion.


Developed by leading reproductive health researchers, privacy experts, and users, Euki is designed to empower individuals to learn about their own body and take control of their health. They call themselves: "A period tracker that doesn’t track you."

Download in the Google Store for Android

Download in the Apple Store

Abortion Subreddit

The Abortion subreddit is great place to learn from peers about their experiences obtaining and using abortion pills for self-manage abortion. The site is moderated by volunteers from the Online Abortion Resource Squad, who ensure that every reddit post asking for abortion-related help gets a quality, accurate, compassionate answer. The moderators can respond in both English and Spanish.

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Other options for getting an abortion

More resources to answer your questions about obtaining and using abortion pills. helps people find abortion providers and resources based on location. They can help you avoid misinformation and stigma from anti-abortion organizations (that often pretend to be clinics).


With more than 750 health centers, features the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers in the United States.

Planned Parenthood

Local Planned Parenthood health centers can share information, non-judgmental support, and expert health care. Many PP’s are offering telemedicine appointments and parking lot pickups for easier access. It's important to know that in restricted states most PP's are no longer offering abortion. Call your local health center to learn about their services.

You can also view Planned Parenthood International's pamphlet Understanding Abortion here.

Plan C's Quick Resource List

The Plan C team has compiled a list of useful resources for both activists and abortion seekers. You can view the Quick Resource List here.