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For Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor or advanced practice clinician, you may see patients who have self-managed an abortion and need care.

You also may have an opportunity to provide telehealth abortion services depending on where you practice.

Caring for patients who want abortions:

As a provider, you may see patients who need:

  • Information about how to access abortion
  • Post-abortion care
  • Miscarriage treatment
  • Post-abortion contraception

Access to abortion pills still exists in all states through:

  • US Licensed telehealth services ($150 or less)
  • International telehealth providers ($90)
  • Online vendors (from $35)
  • Community networks (free)

Learn more about these options on Plan C’s Guide and

If you practice in a state that restricts access to abortion care, people who have self-managed an abortion or obtained one out of state will welcome your compassionate care. How you document patient records is important to reduce the risk of unjust criminalization. Learn more from If/When/How here and more information on how healthcare providers can interrupt criminalization from Beyond Do No Harm here.

For information about medical, legal, and emotional support resources for abortion seekers, visit our Resources Section. For legal questions about providing abortion pills by mail, fill out an intake with the Abortion Defense Network. The Abortion Defense Network also offers state specific guides for medical providers for some states with abortion bans and restrictions.

Calling all providers:

Over the past few years, there has been a wave of advocacy and support for deregulating and demedicalizing access to abortion pills.  Policy makers, clinicians, and advocates have all been eager to broaden access to abortion pills, a modern and effective technology that can be safely accessed and used outside of a clinic setting with no in-person visit required. 

Evidence-based "no-test” protocols with no requirement for an in-person visit, ultrasound, or blood work, have been widely adopted as a safe and effective method for increasing abortion access and are endorsed by the National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Reproductive Health Access Project, and others.

These big shifts have opened up new opportunities for clinicians to offer a safe, modern, convenient model of care: a supported, at-home abortion, with medications delivered to one’s door. Services can be offered with a synchronous or asynchronous model of care to further reduce the burdens of abortion seekers. Additionally, a number of states have passed, and are passing, “shield laws” that protect clinicians who are licensed and living in that protected state and prescribing telehealth abortion pills into states with abortion bans and restrictions.

At this moment in history, we have a unique opportunity to address the structural inequities of our healthcare system and serve those in need of affordable, accessible abortion care using telehealth and abortion pills by mail.  For more information about how to get involved, check out our Provider Toolkit and send a message using the form below.

If ever there was an opportunity for clinicians to help guarantee the basic human right to abortion, this is it.

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