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For Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor or advance practice clinician, you may have an opportunity to provide at-home abortion services during COVID-19 depending on your location.

Calling all providers:

Right now, under the blanket of COVID-19, a new wave of support for deregulating and demedicalizing access to abortion pills is gaining ground with policy makers, clinicians, and advocates, all of whom are eager to broaden access to this effective technology that can be safely accessed and used at home, with no in-person visit.

Evidence-based "no-test” protocols that allow for at-home abortions, with no requirement for an in-person visit, ultrasound, or blood work, are being widely adopted as the new standard of care, endorsed by the National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Reproductive Health Access Project, and others.

These are big shifts, opening up new opportunities for clinicians to offer a safe, modern, convenient model of care: a supported, at-home abortion, with medications delivered to one’s door.

At this moment in history, we have a unique opportunity to address the structural inequities of our healthcare system and serve those in need of affordable, accessible abortion care using telemedicine and mailed pills.  For more information about how to get involved, check out our Provider Toolkit below and contact

If ever there was an opportunity for primary care and other clinicians to help guarantee the basic human right to abortion, this is it.

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Download a how-to guide for medical partners and clinicians interested in offering telemedicine abortion.

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