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We work with other nonprofit organizations and community organizations, campuses and student groups, artists and brands to spread the word about abortion pills and share information on how people are accessing them online for medically safe home abortion.

What is a partnership?

Every partnership can look different, but all campaign partnerships center around increasing awareness about abortion pills and online access by sharing the Plan C website and guide in some way.

Our team has been at the forefront of sharing out information about online access to abortion pills for a decade, including identifying new access points and directing people to information about how to use the medications safely and understand potential legal risks. We work with organizations on the ground to help them spread evidence-based information, so people in their communities can make more informed decisions around abortion pills and online access. Funding is available for certain nonprofits and campus groups.

Partnership can look like:

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Social media campaign

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Online workshop, webinar 
or training event

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Campus project

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... or something else!

The Goal:

As an information campaign, our Big Audacious Goal is that everyone in the US knows about online access to abortion pills as a strategy for overcoming unjust barriers, understands potential legal risks, and knows how to access medical and legal resources.

The Strategy:

At Plan C, we help people understand the options that exist for obtaining abortion pills by mail, both through mainstream sources in states that allow it and through alternate means in states that unjustly restrict access to abortion. We partner in support of organizations who are interested in spreading the word about these options to their communities by sharing the Plan C Pills website and guide in creative ways. 

This year, partnerships will be primarily geared at efforts to help people understand their options for alternate access in states where there are unjust laws that restrict abortion access. 

We know you’re already thinking about this issue, and that you have the best insight into what type of information your community needs in the coming year. We want to follow your lead and offer you support - financially or otherwise - as you enact change.

In 2023 we have allocated $100,000 to support partners’ identified goals of helping people understand their options for alternate access. The average allocation is $1-3k. Eligible organizations include grassroots advocacy groups, abortion funds, non-profits, and campus clubs.

The Outcome:

You equip individuals in your community with information and resources that can help them make more informed healthcare decisions for their situation.

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Partnership Inquiry

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Other Ways to Get Involved With Plan C:

Previous Partner Campaigns


We partnered up with Allbodies to design:

  • a set of infographics
  • a downloadable conversation guide
  • an email campaign
  • a workshop + training event online
  • a landing page for their website.

We ran an hour-long online workshop and training for their community (Watch it here). We reached nearly 300,000 people with information on abortion pill access.

Black Women for Wellness

We partnered with Black Women for Wellness on their Get Smart B4 You Get Sexy Campaign.

This campaign focused on educating and empowering BWW's audience to take medication abortion into their own hands using social media and live virtual events. A central element to this campaign was a virtual storytelling event that engaged the community in a creative conversation about barriers to reproductive access and the importance of reproductive justice.


We partnered with the UCLA Student Organization RJHC to design an educational social media campaign that introduced their audiences to information on abortion pills. It ran in May 2021 and reached a broad campus audience.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

We partnered with Tampa Bay Abortion Fund to spread the word about safe and effective medication abortion across Tampa Bay. This campaign featured a mobile billboard caravan that lit up streets all throughout the Tampa Bay area with information on how to access medically safe abortion pills by mail.

This project also utilized social media toolkits, volunteer engagement, and local news to energize and engage the Tampa Bay community in the movement for greater access to mailed abortion pills.

See the campaign in the press here on


How do I become a campaign partner?

Consider ways that you would like to to spread the word to your comminity about abortion pills and online access; an organization's campaign or direct action is encouraged to link to multiple local resources, but should also link to the Plan C Pills Guide as a resource. Tell us your idea in a paragraph and let’s discuss! 

What is the funding for? 

We ask that the funding be used for the identified goals of helping people understand their options for alternate access, however there are no specific limits on use of these funds. Plan C provides funding to ensure orgs are supported and that this campaign or action does not create a financial burden or drain. We value your time and expertise!  

What about criminalization? 

No one should be criminalized for managing their own abortion. The Plan C guide includes special legal risk alert messaging in states that restrict access and refers to the Repro Legal Helpline. We believe communities deserve access to all information available, to make decisions that are best for them. 

For Plan C’s general FAQ about abortion pills and access, click here.