A documentary on abortion pill access in the U.S.

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About the PLAN C documentary:

Shot over the past four years by award-winning filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos, PLAN C is a documentary capturing the work of the Plan C campaign and the work of activists and providers who began to mail abortion pills, during the pandemic and in the face of crumbling reproductive rights & access across the US.

"In the tough sociopolitical climate we are currently experiencing, this film comes in as a sign of hope.”
-Rosa Parra, reviewer

"Amid fear and turbulence of dire threats to abortion... the PLAN C documentary is testament of hope and resilience. The profound sense of humanity permeating through the footage is gripping and heart touching, but the advocates’ pragmatic and resolute mindset keeps PLAN C from descending into a sense of hopelessness and instead becomes a statement of resilience.” - THE UTAH REVIEW

Are you a school group, nonprofit or company wanting to host a screening? You can purchase the PLAN C documentary via GOODDOCS here.

About the Plan C campaign:

As an information campaign, Plan C exists so that everyone in the US can know about online access to abortion pills and medically safe self-managed options, even in states with unjust bans. The documentary PLAN C followed the Plan C team as well as activists and providers as they navigated a pandemic where abortion was deemed nonessential care, followed by the overturn of Roe and a new landscape of bans and closed clinics.

Abortion pills are medically safe and effective method to end an early pregnancy, recommended for up to 12 weeks after last period and used around the world to effectively end an early pregnancy on a person's own terms. Plan C shares information widely about this transformative health tool and maintains online resources for people to overcome unjust barriers to access and connect people to the pills and care they seek. Plan C also helps people understand their options for legal, medical and peer support, as they make a decision that’s best for them.

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Was this film made by the Plan C Campaign?

No. This documentary was funded, shot and produced over four years (2018 - 2022) by independent documentary filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos. This story is the filmmaker's capturing and retelling of a pivotal moment in recent history, when the pandemic led to changes in FDA restrictions and new possibilities in pill access. It follows activists and providers as they worked to improve direct access and aid people in need, in the face of crumbling reproductive rights & access in the US.

Are abortion pills legal? What are the risks?

Self-managing an abortion is not a criminal act, and restricting abortion access is considered by leading justice organizations to be a human rights violation. No one should be punished for seeking healthcare, and as researchers at Plan C we know that people will continue to search for and use pills in states with abortion bans and no in-clinic options.

However, some people who have used abortion pills on their own have gotten in legal trouble in the United States. The ReproLegalHelpline exists to offer free support to anyone with questions on their situation. Read more on Plan C's main FAQ's here.

Can I stream this film online?

Yes! The film is now live for companies, nonprofits and school groups to purchase for screenings. You can purchase the film through the GOODDOCS website or by filling out a purchase order form. If you have any questions, email

You can also visit to learn more about getting involved and supporting the film.

I'm a student, can I organize a screening on campus?

First - see if you are able to partner with your school librarian, faculty or administration to host a screening in a larger venue at your school through our partner, GOOD DOCS.

If that’s not possible, the PLAN C documentary team also intends to make the film available to students and student organizations directly, especially in restricted states and on conservative campuses where student bodies may lack reproductive health resources. They are planning on a special reproductive freedom event for students in October/November - where they will make a link available for free to students no matter where they live - followed by a Zoom discussion with campuses around the country.

Campus screenings - even in a dorm room among friends - will generate meaningful discussion and direct action. To that end, they have created exclusive materials for students, beyond the full-length feature film, to support campus screenings and events including:

  • 60-minute special version
  • Discussion guide
  • Links to recorded discussions
  • Links to additional scenes
  • Links to stickers, flyers and downloadable posters
  • Social media tool kit
  • A Canva template for promoting your event online and with printed flyers

Visit for more.

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