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We are a community of trained volunteers helping to spread the word, “catch” the news, organize, and educate those around us about how to make access to abortion pills a reality.

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As an Ambassador of Information you’ll learn how to:

Speak with confidence about abortion pills and their history.

Empower those around you to find and access the options they seek.

Normalize self-managed abortion and make it mainstream.

Use your skills and talents to advance the movement.

The onboarding process is simple:


Submit your information below.


You’ll receive links to watch a short webinar and answer a quiz (it’s basic, we promise!) which gets you up to speed with the facts about abortion pills in the US.


From there, you are added to a Slack group with all other Ambassadors (cool!) and you pick your committee (optional).


Go as deep as you want, or simply learn the basics: it’s all up to you. Read the FAQ’s below or get in touch with any questions:

Submit your information for Onboarding:

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Can I request Plan C materials for a campus or local event?

Yes! Email with the following info: 

  • Name of event
  • Date of event
  • # of postcards or flyers (50, 100, 250, 500)
  • quick description of audience or topic of event
  • Do you have budget/bandwidth to print these materials or are you wanting us to send you the printed flyers?

I have ideas. Can I make those happen too?

We love hearing new ideas! In fact, each Information Committee is working on projects that Ambassadors presented!

After you complete the Onboarding Quiz and receive a Welcome email, respond to that email and let the Ambassadors of Information program coordinator know about your ideas! She will be happy to set up a meeting and talk more about how your ideas can be brought to life.

What is an Information Committee?

The Ambassadors of Information Program includes the opportunity to participate in any number of these five Committees, either as an Advanced Ambassador or a Lead Ambassador. Here is more information about each Committee.


These Ambassadors are connected in their communities or with other sexual and reproductive health, rights, or justice organizations. They strategize ways to bring Plan C into their local work and support each other through those processes! Current projects include developing Plan C student organizations on college campuses, connecting to local abortion funds, and creating a subcommittee for healthcare professionals and students.

Digital Communicators:

Are you interested in social media, writing, graphic design, or any other kind of communication? Whether you are coming in with lots of experience in these areas or are looking to learn, Digi-Comms is for you! Digi-Comms’ projects include developing and maintaining a Plan C blog and contributing to a style guide for Plan C messaging (i.e. using gender-neutral language).


Plan C and the Ambassadors of Information program primarily works to educate the public about their options related to medication abortion care. Our Educators develop materials to share both within Plan C and the Ambassadors of Information program (like during Information Sessions) and to share out to the public! They regularly partner with all of the other Committees to provide educational materials relevant to other organizations and to make sure that they are packaged effectively for mobilization efforts and social media posts.


One of the main goals of the Ambassadors of Information program is to expand access to abortion pills in the United States and make self-managed abortions a mainstream option - and this is the Committee where that goal is pursued! Advocate and activist Ambassadors will feel at home here.


Do you love following the news or staying up-to-date with policy? The News-Chasers Committee harnesses these passions! Current projects include highlighting important articles for the monthly Ambassadors of Information newsletter, developing a guide for spotting misinformation related to medication abortion care, and partnering with other Committees such as Educators and Digital Communicators.

Equity Advancers:

These Ambassadors are at the center of all other Information Committee work. Developed in the wake of the most recent uprisings for Black racial justice, the Equity Advancers Committee helps drive the work of Plan C in an equitable and just direction. Support Plan C’s commitment to operate at the intersections of information and identity, ensuring that the needs, voices, and ideas of the most marginalized are centered.

What happens when I submit my information?

After submitting your name and email address above, you will receive an email with information with everything you need to know to onboard. This will include watching a quick onboarding webinar and taking a short quiz to ensure the information is landing and you have what you need to speak to the issue. You'll also get an invite to our slack channel to meet other Ambassadors and stay on top of news and events.

What types of opportunities are available?

Ambassadors of Information

Participate when and how you are able! Ambassadors of Information complete the Onboarding process, receive monthly Ambassadors of Information Newsletters, and are invited to attend Information Sessions (Ambassador socials, training opportunities, and more!). You also have access to the Ambassadors of Information Toolkit which will support you educating your networks about self-managed abortions with abortion pills.


Contribute to a project! In addition to the opportunities that our Ambassadors of Information have, Advanced Ambassadors are invited to join our Slack Workspace and contribute to our Information Committee projects! Read more about our Information Committees below.


Take on a leadership role! In addition to the opportunities that our Ambassadors of Information and Advanced Ambassadors have, Lead Ambassadors also lead our Information Committees! Lead Ambassadors are also invited to contribute to our monthly newsletter, develop our Information Sessions, and develop other materials to support the rest of the Ambassadors of Information program.

We also know that things change. Being an Advanced Ambassador might be the best fit right now and, in a few months, you might want to move into an Ambassadors of Information role or a Lead Ambassador position - all of this is possible. We can work with you.

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