Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about accessing abortion pills online.

We are a group of men and male-identified folks* who believe people should know their options when it comes to accessing safe, healthy ways to end an early pregnancy at home – regardless of what state they live in.

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Here's the deal:

Abortion pills are a medically safe and effective method for ending an early pregnancy, up to 12 weeks. They are now available online through telehealth providers and online pharmacies. And even in states that unjustly restrict access to abortion care, we know that alternate routes of access to safe medication abortion pills are still available.

This is a powerful option for people without access to a clinic or abortion provider.

How you can help:

Use the stories, posts, and email template on this page to spread the word about PLAN C to your friends and followers.

Tag 10 men or male-identified friends when you post, and use #TEAMPLANC hashtag and plancpills.org when you post, to help this campaign grow.

You can also order stickers to put up in your community, or join our Community chat board on Discord.

Together we can raise awareness about abortion pills, including the potential legal risk with some forms of access, and help to fully inform those most in need.

What is Plan C?

Plan C is on a mission to ensure everyone in the U.S. knows about online access to abortion pills by mail. We also provide information about legal and medical support for people choosing to self-manage an abortion with pills.

*While this campaign was designed as an invitation from men to men and male-identified folks, it is not exclusive and everyone is welcome to join in and use the materials below.

Outreach Materials

IG Stories (Slides)

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Use this caption, or your own:

I just learned that abortion pills by mail is an option for people who can't access a clinic. This is a medically safe option that everyone should know about as politicians try to restrict access. Check out plancpills.org for info on access from any state, including the potential legal risks of some forms of access.

IG Posts

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I just learned about abortion pills, and how they're used to end an early pregnancy at home. Politicians continue to restrict access to win votes, but we can take our power back by spreading info on the reality of abortion pills by mail and ensuring people have all the information they need to make their own decisions, including understanding any legal context. Spread the word @plancpills 



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I just learned about abortion pills and how they can be used to end an early pregnancy from home. And thanks to the internet and mail, this modern option for abortion care isn't going anywhere, even if politicians try to strip this healthcare right from the women in my life. Check out the Plan C Guide to Pills and learn how to get medical & legal questions answered at plancpills.org  @plancpills.


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A home abortion is now possible, with telehealth and mailed pills, no matter your zip code. The Plan C Guide is a resource that provides up-to date-info about how to access abortion pills for self-managed use, including legal and medical considerations.

This feels like a thing we all should know about and better understand.

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A home abortion is now possible, with telehealth and mailed pills, no matter your zip code. The Plan C Guide is a resource that provides up-to date-info about how to access abortion pills for self-managed use, including legal and medical considerations.

Why haven’t you heard of it? It’s because of politics, not medicine, that’s standing in the way of everyone having access to these safe, FDA-approved meds. By spreading the word, we can help make it available and known, when and where people need it. @plancpills

Suggested caption:

I just learned that a home abortion is now possible, with telehealth and mailed pills, no matter your zip code.  The Plan C Guide is a resource that provides up-to date-info about how people are accessing abortion pills for self-managed use, including resources to get legal and medical questions answered.

Credit: @shoutyourabortion @no_touching_ground

Twitter Posts

Email Template

Dear NAME,

I just learned about the important work of Plan C, and I am reaching out because I thought you’d want to know about it too.  

In short, there is a solution for people who are looking for an abortion via online access to medically-safe and effective abortion pills by mail. And that even in states with restrictive laws, these medications are still readily available online, with or without telehealth support. I didn’t know this option existed, and while the Plan C Guide to Pills has been around for years, the people in my life don’t know about it. That’s why I’m sharing it out now.

I know this can be a sensitive topic, which is why I encourage you to visit teamplanc.org and see sample posts and emails to get started. The reality is that as half the country restricts access for political reasons, there are millions of people that need to know they can access this private and affordable option. And they need clear information about what forms of access might be legally risky, which Plan C provides, too.

Feel free to make your outreach your own, use the hashtag #teamplanc and direct people back to teamplanc.org.

Thank you!


Abortion Pills

What is the abortion pill?

The “abortion pill” is actually 5 pills. It’s a combination of two medications: Mifepristone and Misoprostol, taken 1-2 days apart.  These medications stop a pregnancy from growing by blocking the pregnancy hormones then causing cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus, which is similar to having a miscarriage.  This method is also called a "medication abortion."

How far into a pregnancy can you use abortion pills?

Abortion pills work best in the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. Using pills later in pregnancy is more painful and less effective. The risk of complications also goes up as the pregnancy grows.

Can abortion pills be used at home or do you need to go to a clinic?

Research has shown that for the vast majority of patients they are just as medically safe to use at home as in the clinic. In fact, most often the process at a clinic is to send the person home to take the pills. Most people don’t need to take any tests first, but a clinic or telehealth service may ask a person to get additional tests if they are unsure of when they had their last period, and/or they have any  history or symptoms of ectopic pregnancy (like pelvic pain).

Can I order pills online?

Abortion pills can be ordered online from all 50 states. About half of the country is served by telehealth abortion services like heyjane.co and abortionondemand.org. In states with restrictions, patients can order pills through aidaccess.org, which operates outside the U.S., but they should know this may be legally risky (see below). Most suppliers offer advance provision of pills – to have on hand in the medicine cabinet if necessary.

What would you expect to feel after taking abortion pills?

Everyone’s experience is different but most can expect a few hours of heavy bleeding and cramping and several days of lighter bleeding. Read more on our FAQ.

Are abortion pills safe? What's the risk of complications?

Abortion pills have been FDA-approved for more than 20 years.  They are safer than taking Tylenol.  The rate of major complications during an early abortion is extremely low. Having an abortion is safer than continuing your pregnancy and having a baby.

How much do abortion pills cost?

Abortion pills can cost anywhere between $40 to $600. Many services accept insurance/Medicaid or offer discounts to those who can't pay.

  • Online pharmacies and new telehealth abortion services charge $150 and up.
  • The in-clinic option costs $600 on average.
  • The Misoprostol-only method can be found online, in bodegas, or in other countries. It costs between $40 to $300.

Political & Legal Landscape

Is it risky to get abortion pills online?

Medically speaking, taking abortion pills after a telehealth consultation is as safe and effective as going to a clinic in person. And, it is also medically safe to take pills from an online pharmacy, even without consulting a doctor, as long as you have good information and access to follow-up care if you need it. 

But, in states where politicians have unjustly banned access to telehealth abortion, it could be legally risky. Some people have been criminalized for self-managing their abortions.

Since 2000, at least 60 people who have self-managed an abortion are known to have been prosecuted.

No one should be criminalized for managing their own health care. But, we know that it has happened and we know that some people will be disproportionately affected, including people of color, those with financial insecurity, and LGTBQ+ folks. For more information about how to access abortion pills–even in states with restrictions, and for links to free and confidential medical and legal hotline support, visit the Guide to Pills. 

We at Plan C see the injustice of differential access for this basic health care option. Your access to basic medical care should not be determined by your zip code.

If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, will abortion pills still be available?

As our country faces unprecedented barriers to access, with politicians continuing to pass unjust laws and threats to Roe, abortion pills will continue to be available and Plan C wil continue to share information and research on how we know people are accessing this option. 

In fact, we believe that if SCOTUS upends Roe, abortion pills by mail will be a central way to how people will continue to access safe abortion despite unjust laws in their state. 

In conservative states there is understandable concern about criminalization – and even though there should be no reason for state laws to create barriers to healthcare and body autonomy, this is what is already happening – and we know the risk is outsized for marginalized communities. 

We’ll continue to share medical and legal context so an individual visiting our guide can assess their own risk and make the decision that’s best for their body and their situation. 

Others are working on “breakthrough strategies” like advance provision, conscientious provision, and other intersectional human rights approaches to overcome these unjust barriers and support access for all, no matter what a person’s zip code.

What else can I do to help?

Take the conversation offline - you can order Stickers or Flyers to be printed and shipped to you here: plancpills.org/stickers

Or download DIY templates to print your own here: plancpills.org/diy-stickers-flyers.

Bring a Plan C speaker to your workplace or community: plancpills.org/contact

Or join the Ambassador program: plancpills.org/ambassadors.