The Plan C Guide to Abortion Pills by Mail

How to request abortion pills from ProgressiveRx

ProgressiveRx is an online pharmacy based in India that provides telehealth prescriptions for abortion pills and a complete set of the medications needed.

How it works:

  • Fill out a brief medical screening form. A clinician will check this information and write a prescription.
  • Pay using ACH (This is a secure bank transfer - see below).
  • Includes: 1 mifepristone and 12 misoprostol pills for abortion, 15 ibuprofen for pain, 10 ondansetron for nausea, instruction sheet.
  • Shipping from India takes about 3-4 weeks (regular) or about 2 weeks (express).

IMPORTANT: Secure bank transfer (ACH) works best when:

  • There is enough money in the bank account to pay for the order.  
  • The correct routing number and account number are used.
  • Not enough money in the account or incorrect information can cause delays and extra fees (an additional $25 bank charge to the     account).
  • People who do not have a bank account can contact ProgressiveRx to discuss other options:

How to request abortion pills from ProgressiveRx

  • Use this link if you need a prescription (they will provide one)
  • Use this link if you already have a prescription (from a previous order through ProgressiveRx or from another source)