Mar 31, 2020

What to Know About Giving Yourself an Abortion

Where do you buy abortion pills online?

There are several sites currently selling abortion pills online. Plan C, a reproductive health advocacy group, has purchased and tested pills from more than a half-dozen and ranked them based on shipping time, product quality, and physician oversight; the results appear in a “report card” on Plan C’s website.

Aid Access continues to be the highest-scoring service: Though patients might have to wait up to two weeks to receive the pills, it’s the cheapest place to order from. Whereas pills can cost as much as $430 through other online services, at Aid Access they’re $90. The site is also the only abortion pill retailer run by a licensed physician—Rebecca Gomperts, a doctor based in the Netherlands—who writes a prescription for the pills herself, and provides consultation and counseling to people who request medication from her.

Aid Access, as well as other sites like Women on Web (a sister site to Aid Access),, and also provide instructions on how to administer the pills.’’

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