Mar 2, 2020

There's a New Website That Teaches People How to Do Abortions


Aid Access is just one of a handful of sites that sell abortion pills online, despite it being considered a violation of U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations to do so. In order to provide pregnant people with the information about what to expect from each service, Elisa S. Wells created Plan C, a site that tests the products from abortion pill retailers and issues a “report card” based on their results. Plan C also lists multiple sites people can visit to learn how to take the pills, if they do end up purchasing them online. ( is among them.) 

Though it may seem like there's already plenty of information out there for people interested in ending their pregnancies on their own, Wells said it’s still not as widely available as it should be, and many people still aren’t awareof how safe and effective medication abortion is when done properly—so having more credible online resources can’t hurt. The fact that Doctors Without Borders is a recognizable, reputable group also might make people more comfortable with the procedure.

“We know that people are buying pills online, or in bodegas and pharmacies,” Wells said. “In many parts of the world, they’re able to buy them off pharmacy shelves and they don’t always come with instructions.”

Crucially, Wells said, the more sites that provide information about medication abortion and self-managed abortion, the less stigmatized it will become. 


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