Jul 18, 2018
The Philly Inquirer

Abortion pills are safe and effective. Why can't U.S. women buy them online?

The researchers behind a project called Plan C take a pragmatic view, arguing that women are already going it alone. To help them, the researchers ordered abortion pills without prescriptions from 18 online websites — the kind the FDA considers rogues. The results were published as a study that became Plan C’s online “report card,” which rates the websites based on product quality, price, and shipping time.

Although two orders were never received and some mifepristone doses were skimpy, the researchers concluded “self-sourcing pills from the internet is a rational option.”

“We don’t advocate that women do this,” said public health specialist Elisa Wells, co-director of Plan C. “We know women are already doing this, so we believe they should have access to good information.”

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