Nov 16, 2018

Hers and the Telemedicine Industry Need to Embrace Mail-Order Abortion Pills

Why do telemedicine laws ban abortion pills while offering up dubious libido enhancers?

Elisa Wells, co-founder and co-director of the abortion pill education site Plan C, offers a similar response when I ask her why mifepristone still faces such heavy restrictions, while other, potentially more dangerous medications are freely available online. “It’s because abortion is politicized in this country and highly stigmatized,” she says.

But chalking up this disparity to politics glosses over the specific details of why some drugs are deemed generally acceptable for mass distribution while others are heavily restricted. Medications that aim to increase women’s libidos and supply men with on-demand erections are deemed acceptable, perhaps because they help connect both men and women to sexual pleasure. Yet a medication that helps women deal with the aftermath of that sex — one that grants women complete bodily autonomy and total say over their reproductive destinies — is considered to be far too dangerous to make freely available.

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Photo: Photo: Towfiqu Photography/Getty, via Medium piece