You can help fund abortion pill access by mail for those who can’t afford it.

One of the biggest barriers to abortion pills by mail continues to be cost.

But right now, a few funds are focused on funding pill access by mail and offsetting sliding-scale need. Below are the funds we know of that are funding pill access by mail and/or supporting shield law provision, for folks accessing abortion pills by mail from restricted states and across the US.

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Abortion funds that need your support:

Cobalt Fund

Cobalt Fund is based in CO and is currently funding pill access by reimbursing providers who offer sliding scale. Donations to Cobalt Fund are tax-deductible.

Abortion Freedom Fund

Abortion Freedom Fund (AFF) is a national abortion fund that specifically funds abortion pills by mail and is currently funding pill access by reimbursing providers who offer sliding scale. AFF also offers subgrants to grassroots partners working to expand abortion pill access. Donations to AFF are tax-deductible.


WRRAP, a national abortion fund, collaborates directly with healthcare providers to financially support patients facing barriers in accessing the abortion pill by mail. Contributions to WRRAP are not only vital for ensuring the success of this crucial initiative but are also tax deductible.


The Northwest Abortion Access Fund is an abortion fund serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. Trained, compassionate volunteer advocates run their toll-free helpline. They help people pay for their abortion care by sending funding directly to the provider. Donations are tax-deductible.

Healthcare Across Borders

In 2023 Healthcare Across Borders (HCAB) launched the Abortion Pill Sustainability Fund, to reimburse clinicians who are offering sliding-scale costs to thousands of patients a month, ensuring they get the abortion pills and care they need regardless of their ability to pay.

ACT for Abortion Access

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine Access (ACT Access) strives to make timely, affordable telemedicine abortion available from licensed providers to people anywhere in the United States. They do this by helping to pass telemedicine shield laws and assisting those providers with implementation and legal support. 10% of all general contributions to ACT are currently designated for shield provider grants to those serving low-income patients in states where abortion is restricted or banned.

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