How to Get an Abortion Pill by Mail in 2-5 Days

Thousands of people across the U.S. order abortion pills by mail each day. Discover how to get an abortion pill online with this step-by-step telehealth guide. Buying abortion pills online is a safe, affordable, and increasingly common way to end a pregnancy.

Updated July 17, 2024

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Steps to Buy Abortion Pills

  1. Choose an abortion pill provider
  2. Complete an online consultation
  3. Receive the abortion pills by mail

We will walk you through the steps to buy safe and effective abortion pills online from telehealth clinics that deliver by mail to homes across the U.S.

Step 1: Explore Telehealth Abortion Providers

Plan C’s Guide to Abortion Pills lists known and tested telehealth providers serving your state. These telehealth providers operate in all states, even those with restrictions on in-person care. With telehealth, you can consult with a healthcare provider, receive an abortion pill prescription, and have the medication delivered to your home without visiting a clinic in person.

Online telehealth clinics offer virtual medical support through video calls, text messages, and emails. Depending on where you live, there may be legal risk: contact with questions.

On Cost: Telehealth abortion pills are now available in every state for $150 or less. Patients can inquire about sliding-scale pricing as they go through intake.

Step 2: Complete an Online Consultation

The next step after selecting a telehealth abortion provider is to complete the intake form. Some services may require a video call with a healthcare professional, while others only need an online form about your health history. The provider reviews your medical history and assesses whether medical abortion is suitable for you.

Upon approval, they’ll prescribe the medication and provide instructions for taking the pills.

On Cost: Some telehealth providers offer discounted or even free abortion pills when needed. Just ask.

Step 3: Get the Abortion Pills by Mail

Prescribed medications are discreetly shipped to the address provided, usually arriving within 2 to 5 days. Abortion pill orders are generally mailed in ordinary packaging that does not indicate what is inside.

The telehealth clinics listed in Plan C’s Guide to Abortion Pills typically charge between $100 and $300. However, prices can range from $0 to $950 depending on the provider and your location. Many providers accept insurance, Medicaid, or offer discounts.

On Mailing Pills: Some people have the abortion pills delivered to a post office box for added privacy.

Getting Prepared and Staying Safe Online

Choosing a Telehealth Abortion Provider

Finding the right telehealth abortion pill service can be daunting because there are so many providers that offer affordable, discreet, and convenient medication delivery options. Plan C is here to help you find the telehealth abortion provider that is right for your personal circumstances.

Some online telehealth clinics offer financial assistance or sliding scale pricing depending on individual needs. Providers that do not offer financial assistance often accept health insurance. Before choosing an online abortion pill provider, you can research their policies or contact them to find out if they accept insurance coverage or can offer a discount.

FDA-approved abortion pills can be ordered by mail in all 50 states, US territories, and even at military addresses. However, each telehealth provider serves different parts of the country due to the varied laws governing the availability of abortion care from state to state. Individual legal risk may vary depending on where the patient lives.

Online clinics that mail abortion pills

For people who want abortion pills by mail and follow-up support from a clinician. Each provider also has its own pricing structure and shipping timeline.

💵 $150 or less
🚚 1-5 days
🧑🏽 Clinician support
💊 FDA-approved medications
⚠️ Potential legal risk

To find online clinic services available in each state, search the Plan C’s Guide to Abortion Pills.

Community Networks and Free Abortion Pills

People in restricted states also get abortion pills mailed to them by community activist networks. They provide free abortion pills in states that unjustly restrict access to abortion care. These networks are intended for people who cannot afford the cost of telehealth services, do not have a credit card, or want a higher level of privacy for their own safety.

Community activist networks sometimes offer emotional or medical support through secure texting apps (like Signal). People can also get support and have medical questions answered by contacting The Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline at 1-833-246-2632. This hotline provides free, confidential medical information and support by phone and text. They often help people address a question or problem without needing to go to a clinic or hospital.

People also get free, nonjudgmental emotional support before, during, and after their abortion from the folks at All-Options Talkline, Exhale, Faith Aloud, or Reprocare.

Community networks that mail pills

These are networks of community-based volunteers who ship generic abortion pills to people in the U.S.  They believe in a model of community care and ship pills for free. The pills often come repackaged in plastic or mylar baggies.

💵 Free
🚚 5-10 days
⚠️ Potential legal risk
💊 Generic medications (from India)

To find community networks available in each state, search the Plan C’s Guide to Abortion Pills.