Oct 28, 2020
Speaking Light into Abortion (Podcast)

At Home Abortion - Plan C

At Home Abortion- Plan C
This week's guest is Rachel Dyer. She manages the volunteer program at Plan C, and is a PHD student looking to equip mental health professionals in helping clients make pregnancy decisions.
Plan C- A safe abortion with pills is possible: https://plancpills.org/
Rachel’s BONUS episode: https://www.amandastarkingsley.com/speaking-light-into-abortion/bonus-series-1

Show Notes:

  • 0:40 Rachel’s BONUS podcast episode
  • 2:15 Rachel’s introduction
  • 3:58 Plan C pills.org VIDEO
  • 8:05 “They are safe, they are effective.”
  • 8:18 “People are able to accurately and safely assess their eligibility for using the pills”
  • 8:27 “There’s absolutely no reason why access to abortion pills shouldn’t be expanded”
  • 8:40 Who is medication abortion for?
  • 11:38 Can you take the pills the wrong way?
  • 11:45 SASS training Self managed abortion, safe and supported
  • 13:40 Who can help me after the pills come in the mail?Miscarriage & Abortion HotlineIf, When, How
  • 15:30 What does follow-up care look like after an abortion?
  • 17:13 Can the medication be detected in someone’s system after use? 
  • 22:21 “Abortion has become so medicalized… it’s really the most radical form of self-care and empowerment”
  • 23:59 “People don’t know that medication abortion is an option”
  • 23:43 “You can have an abortion safely in your home… we should know about that”
  • 26:44 My experience of swallowing the first pill
  • 28:32 “facilitating empowerment”
  • 29:26 mentioned North Carolina story, pro-life woman starts speaking to her planned abortion
  • 33:27 Accessing abortion in a time of Covid-19
  • 34:00 What impact does a medication abortion have on mental health after abortion
  • 34:57 Self-managed care is not for everyone, “people deserve options”

If you are one of the 1 in 4 women who have had an abortion in your lifetime,
and you are not thriving the way you desire: